The Key to Transformation

Most people, at some point in life journey, seek to change something about themselves. This can be in any aspect of their lives including their health and fitness, their relationships, their finances and their careers. The fact is that change is very difficult, especially when it involves creating new habits, something I have discussed in other articles.

Changing your habits is the key to transformation but what is the key to changing your habits? This is an area that most people struggle with as it is difficult to change something that has been ingrained in you for a long time. However, it can be done and always starts with one simple process: acceptance. You see, we will never be able to change until we accept where we are at.

Often the desire to change a habit or to transform our lives somehow arises out of dislike or disdain for where we are in our lives. However, these feelings create negative energy, which keep you stuck exactly where you are. When you are trying to change from a place of disdain, you are trying to run from something, however this is the wrong energy to approach transformation.

Instead of running from something, you need to embrace and embody what you are seeking and the first step to doing this is to accept where you are. Acceptance creates the opposite effect of trying to escape something that you no longer want because it is grounded in a higher energy. Running from something comes from a lower energy and, because of this, it is so easy to slip back into old patterns when you are desperately trying to escape something.

This is why so many people fail at changing their habits to transform their lives. Instead of running, accept where you are at right now with respect to what you are trying to change. Acceptance will create a positive energy and bathe your old habit. in a loving energy, which will allow you to gently release it and move on to where you want to go. This is because the energy of acceptance envelops the old, bad habit in a loving energy and lets it know that it is okay to leave.

This makes it easier to drop bad habits and it is the same energy of acceptance that you need to use to welcome in the new habit. This is the key to transformation and I encourage you to accept every aspect of your life as it is right now, if you want to have any hope of transforming it. Your mind, body, heart and soul will thank you for it.

Dr.Nauman Naeem


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