Coaching and Consulting

The Power of Coaching

The coaching relationship is unlike any other relationship you may have whether it is with your life partner, your family or your friends. The coaching relationship creates a safe container where you can express yourself freely, make sense of your past experiences, including what you perceive as negative, take an inventory of where you currently are in your life situation and explore your strengths and talents, discover what your true passion is and what sets your soul on fire and boldly move forward, despite fear, to unleash your highest potential. I truly believe that everyone needs a coach to help them put their life into perspective and discover hidden blocks and blind spots which may be holding them back from achieving health, happiness and true fulfillment.



Reversing Autoimmune Disease Program

Many people suffer from autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, scleroderma, mixed connective tissue disease, inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease, multiple sclerosis and myasthenia gravis to name a few. As a physician, I have encountered many of these patients in my practice. The conventional approaches to these conditions only deal with the physical symptoms and do not tackle the root causes of these conditions, which is why these patients continue to suffer despite treatment.

I have developed a 10 module program to help patients embark on the true path to healing from their autoimmune disease by unearthing and addressing the root causes of their condition.

Here is a detailed description of what is involved in the program:


  1. Set and ground your intention

All healing begins with intention. Most people do not want to heal because they are stuck in their story around their illness, which I will discuss in more detail below. The purpose of this module is to ground your intention to heal. Intention can only be grounded through meaning, mission and connection and we’ll dive deeply into these concepts in this module.


  1. Understand and reset your mind and thinking

Most of our thoughts, habits and behaviour have been programmed in early childhood in our subconscious mind. In fact, 95% of our behaviour and actions are subconscious and only 5% are conscious. Our subconscious is also where negative thinking and limiting beliefs arise. A limiting belief is any belief that keeps you from reaching your true potential. In this module, we will work on reprogramming your subconscious mind and eliminating your limiting beliefs around healing.


  1. Emotional mastery

Emotions are how our lower self, or ego, communicates with our Higher Self. The problem with emotions is that people want to experience only the positive emotions, such as joy, ecstasy and love but run from the negative emotions, such as anger, grief, or fear. The truth is that we are meant to experience all our emotions, including the negative ones, otherwise they will become trapped in your body and manifest as symptoms. In this module we will work around techniques to help you experience all your emotions and find joy in the process.


  1. Understanding your life story

We all have a life story and not everyone has a wonderful past. Most people have faced difficulty, challenge, and trauma. People often identify with their life story, which creates the scaffolding which keeps them stuck in the paradigm of chronic disease, including autoimmune disease. In this module, we will put your life story into context and help you release its hold on you and understand its deeper meaning to your life’s journey.


  1. Optimize your physiology 1

The first physiology module will discuss the concept of creative visualization to optimizing our physiology from the cellular level to the organ system level. Creative visualization is a powerful technique to manifesting what you want in your life, including optimal health.


  1. Optimize your physiology II

The second physiology module will dive deeply into nutrition and how to use the power of food to help you heal. Forget everything that you know about nutrition because there is no one size fits all and I will get into aspects of nutrition which you likely not have been exposed to.


  1. Optimize your physiology III

The third physiology module will dive deep into the power of your autonomic nervous system and how to break free of ‘flight, fight or freeze,’ into relaxation mode, which is the state in which true healing occurs. This goes beyond meditation as there are many ways to enter relaxation mode and this can even be done amid the most chaotic situation. I also dive into the importance of sleep and how to optimize your sleep in this module.


  1. The importance of physical movement

This module is not just about exercise because many people, with autoimmune disease, are in a lot of chronic pain. It does not matter the severity of your autoimmune disease because the fact is that everyone can and must engage in a movement practice to heal from your autoimmune condition. Everyone can do some form of movement, no matter how severe their symptoms are, and we will dive into this in this module.


  1. Embodying connection

We do not live in isolation but are always in relationship. Our most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves, but we are also in relationship with other people, with nature, with the planet and the universe. In this module, we will dive deeply into strengthening our connection in all areas and how this helps us heal.


  1. Embrace the unknown and bring it all together

The nature of life is uncertainty, and this often induces fear in most people. If you truly scrutinize your life, you will realize that you have always lived in uncertainty and the unknown is your constant companion. In this module I will teach you the importance of uncertainty in your healing journey and how to embrace it to fuel your path to becoming whole. This module will also be a culmination of everything we have explored in the previous modules and will bring it all together.


Each module is approximately an hour long and will be delivered over zoom, one week at a time over a 10 to 15 week period depending on your schedule. There will be homework associated with each module and you must engage in this to get the most out of the program.


Disclaimer: This program is for information and education purposes only and does not replace the care that you are getting from your current healthcare providers and specialists. I make no guarantees to anybody as success depends on how deeply you engage with the program. I will never ask you to stop any of your medications without first consulting your own physician.