After treating thousands of patients over the course of his career, Dr. Naeem realized that the majority of patients remain trapped in the paradigm of chronic disease and do not heal. This led him to dive deep into the psychology of healing, consciousness, metaphysics and ancient healing traditions.

The product of this inquiry is his book which is now available on amazon. It will open your eyes on how to unveil your true nature and become whole again which is, essentially, the true definition of healing.

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  • With wisdom and elegance, Dr. Naeem’s Healing from the Inside Out introduces us to the fundamental truth that ultimate well-being begins within individual consciousness. This landmark book is a trustworthy, comprehensive guide to optimum health in body, mind, and spirit and the universal principles by which it is attained and sustained.

– Michael Bernard Beckwith
author of Spiritual Liberation and Life Visioning

  • True healing has always begun inside of us, as was first appreciated over a half century ago with recognition of the placebo effect. In his excellent book, critical care specialist physician Dr. Naeem has illustrated a very powerful and practical means of taking charge of our own healing, with myriad associated benefits including that of finding our purpose in life and contributing to making the world a far better place for all. His advice is not only sound, but very profound — I surmise that reading his book and incorporating his advice into our daily lives will inevitably lead to greater richness in life, all in the process of becoming whole.

— Eben Alexander MD, neurosurgeon, author of Proof of Heaven and The Map of Heaven