• Testimonial from AJP who received coaching from Dr. Naeem when she was at a crucial crossroad in her life

I reached out to Dr. Naeem at at a time when I was feeling very stuck in my life. Talking frankly about myself, especially my struggles, is extremely uncomfortable for me (and probably most people). However, I immediately felt at ease during our first session together. Dr. Naeem was present and genuine. He listened with true empathy and held space for me to share my story and speak openly and honestly about my challenges. Working with Dr. Naeem was transformative because he helped me understand the underlying issues behind my struggles, that I previously couldn’t see for myself. With his guidance and powerful insight, I was able to identify what clarity I needed to seek for myself in order to move forward with my life. He provided helpful strategies for me to seek out that clarity. Dr. Naeem’s coaching isn’t about giving advice or answers. Rather, he empowers you to do that for yourself. I also feel that Dr. Naeem understands the limitations of pills and procedures when it comes to addressing wellbeing. He understands the importance of a healthy inner environment. Working with Dr. Naeem is helping me to create that by clearing blocks and limiting beliefs to start building a life that is fulfilling once again. I’ve already felt a positive shift in myself, thanks to his coaching.


  • Testimonial from Susie Miller who talks about Dr. Naeem’s book

Dear Dr.Naeem,

I’ve read your brilliant and beautiful book “Healing From the Inside Out” today, and I’d like to express what I found. First, I am truly grateful that this book is born. It opened up my heart.

I like to say that I cannot agree more with this book. Second, I am glad that this book was written by a spiritual, philosophical, and yet scientific medical doctor. Working as a nurse, I believe this book will be a great assistance for the care of my patients, as well as any human population. Third, You made me feel very proud that I work at the same hospital as you. Lastly, after reading this book, I felt my pain-body did heal from my childhood darkness. I feel more joyful now. Once again, thank you and congratulations!


  • Testimonial from Erica, one of Dr. Naeem’s many satisfied clients

Nauman Naeem’s expertise in self exploration has helped start a journey of finding my purpose.  His guidance with journaling and finding commonalities has helped me find where my passion lies. Before plunging into my passion, he has identified layers within my social and personal environments that needed to be explored further. Not until I watched his videos and having one on one conversations did I understand the meaning of “finding your purpose”.

It is more than just identifying what you want to do. Nauman Naeem helps  by always asking the questions that I might not have thought of . He truly inspires and guides by laying a foundation and allowing me to take those steps in my own way, yet he also ask questions to ensure no blocks are in the way and if they are how can I overcome them. Finding your purpose is a multidimensional approach to self awareness. Finding a path to your purpose is more than identifying what you like to do, it is about truly understanding external and internal supportive needs. In this part of my journey the one conversation between myself and Nauman that has stuck with me, is when I was feeling down about what people may think, or how my close family would feel about exploring new things.

Nauman said “ what are the worst things that can happen?” Nauman said write a list of pros and worst case scenarios, then recognize who and what you need to take with you to move forward. As I start taking baby steps towards finding my purpose, Nauman has been influential in providing clarity for the steps needed to branch out of my comfort zone. I am proud to be part of this healing process!!


  • Testimonial from K.A., who worked with Dr. Naeem to help overcome inner blocks to achieving her goals

Nauman is inspirational in his genuine desire to assist others in finding their true passion and life purpose, by identifying those factors that stand in their way. His compassion and understanding set the stage for meaningful and productive conversation, with specific outcomes and reflective, goal oriented advice and teachings given. I can’t say enough how much my life, confidence and self esteem have been positively affected by his coaching. This is clearly HIS calling.


  • Testimonial from Joni, who worked with Dr. Naeem after the death of a loved one

Dr. Naeem is a very gentle, compassionate being who has a knack of getting to the crux of the matter with a few simple questions. I found him to be an avid listener which made it easier for me.
Thirty years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare disease and it has been a long journey, each day has its trials and tribulations. He has helped me to realize the connection with my emotions and the cause of this disease.
After my father’s death, it was an extremely stressful time and Dr. Naeem was an amazing counsellor, he helped me at the lowest point in my life. After a session with him there was a huge difference, I simply felt better. Being in his presence raised my vibration and I would feel more energized. I’m extremely grateful to him and very happy that he is alive today; the world is awaiting his wisdom and know his book on healing will help many people.


  • Testimonial from Chantale, who found guidance for healing in Dr. Naeem’s work

I believe the healing sessions you provide online are powerful and stunning in the most positive light. In silent contemplation I’ve been a spiritual seeker for sometime, practising yoga and meditation. Your talks provide the guidance for healing in a clear and loving manner filled with integrity.