Why You Need to Stay Curious


Do you remember when you were a child? Do you remember endless days exploring the woods near your home or biking beyond your neighbourhood? Do you remember trying a new sport or opening a new toy that you got for your birthday? This was the time in our lives when we are infinitely curious and are continuously cultivating this quality.

In fact, curiosity is the most important quality to stimulate learning and personal growth in childhood. However, as we grew into adolescence, young adulthood and beyond, we lose the quality of curiosity. Why is this? It is because of all the external influences that want to pigeonhole us into a specific job or career path in order to fulfill society’s agenda, which is usually not in alignment with our own personal agenda. The reason this happens is because we lose sight of what lights our souls up when we bow to the dictates of external influences in order to fulfil society’s mandates.

This is not the path to joy and fulfillment but the path to misery and slavery. It is slavery to a career that does not fulfill you, slavery to a relationship that does not bring you joy, slavery to a society designed to imprison you and a life that is lived far below your true potential. This is why it is vitally important to always stay curious. In fact, curiosity is one of the most important qualities you can cultivate to live a life of passion and fulfillment.

How does one cultivate a life of curiosity? You do this by asking the right questions and here are some of them.

What were my childhood ambitions and dreams that I’ve lost sight of?

What do I love spending my time doing so much, that I do not even notice the time passing by?

What is a problem, that people currently have, that fascinates me that I would enjoy creating a solution for?

What would I attempt to do if I knew I could not fail?

By asking and journaling on these questions, you will naturally cultivate your curiosity and start the on the path to living a life to greater passion and fulfillment. Success is not a destination but a journey and curiosity is the best teacher to help you embody this lesson.


Dr. Nauman Naeem





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