The Truth About Uncertainty


Does it seem like there is more uncertainty in the world than before? Pandemics, wars, political corruption, climate change, inflation, and that is just scratching the surface. The truth is that uncertainty has always been our companion from the time of the Crusades right up to the recent World Wars. Even in recent decades, the world has faced many challenges which create fear and uncertainty including the rise in chronic disease, the increase in global regional conflicts in various parts of the world (often fuelled by the interference of Western governments in the affairs of less developed nations), climate change and the loss of delicate ecosystems and the rising pandemic of stress and mental illness.

Therefore, you can see that uncertainty has been humanity’s constant companion. Even in our individual lives, does anybody truly know what the next day will bring or even if they will live to see another day. The fact is that uncertainty is not to be feared by to be embraced in order to harness its true potential. Uncertainty should not always be seen as a negative concept that is always casting its shadow on our lives but also a light, which can often light our way.

How many times have people lost their job or  had their romantic partner leave them only to dig deep into their personal resilience to find solutions to these challenges that they would not have otherwise discovered? The truth about uncertainty is that it is a necessary part of our daily routine in order to fuel our curiosity, creativity, focus and productivity. Without the gift of uncertainty, we would never aspire to uncover our true potential because if a certain outcome in our life was guaranteed, there would be no reason to strive towards it.

Therefore, the truth about uncertainty is that it is a gift that is sent our way in order to help us light our path forward in our lives, informed by the lessons of our past, while forging the destiny that awaits us. We cannot discover our true destiny unless we have this gift of uncertainty because it truly shows us what is possible in our lives, if we have the insight and courage to embrace it in all its glory.09

The next time you are facing an uncertainty in your life, instead of letting it fill you with fear and dread, welcome it like the wonderful friend it is, as it is meant to guide you in your life’ journey and take you to places that you scarcely dreamed possible. It can only do this if you have the courage to embrace it without fear and with unbridled curiosity. This is the power of uncertainty to unleash your highest potential and help you live into the highest vision of the greatest version you ever held of who you are and can become.

However, you must be open and brave enough to welcome the gift of uncertainty in order to harness your true potential. Do not waste this gift for another moment.


Dr. Nauman Naeem


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