Why We Must Embrace The Unknown

Here is an excerpt from my newly released book, ‘Healing From The Inside Out,’¬†about our relationship to the unknown: The true nature of life is uncertainty. Although we like to believe that we know where we are headed¬†and what to expect in the seconds, minutes, hours, and days ahead, the truth is that the plans […]

Dealing With Holiday Blues

We are well into the holiday season and its a busy and fun time for most with thoughts of getting together with family and friends, attending holiday parties, giving gifts and just reveling in the spirit of the season. Although this is a joyous time for most, there are a lot of people for whom […]

Dealing With Holiday Stress

American Thanksgiving is upon us and those of you who live in the US will be celebrating with family, friends and the traditional turkey dinner. This marks the beginning of the holiday season which extends from Thanksgiving straight through to New Year’s Eve. This is a time of reflection over the past year as well […]