How Should We Approach a Growing Global Epidemic?

In my last blog I started to discuss the growing global epidemic of depression. I discussed modern medicine’s approach to treating depression which is to prescribe a pharmaceutical agent whose goal is to affect the brain’s neurochemistry. I discussed how this is a misguided approach to treating depression because it does not address the multifactorial […]

Is There A Link Between Negative Emotions and Disease?

Do negative emotions affect your health?  Conditions such as depression and anxiety have been shown to affect how we manage and treat our other chronic conditions but, even if one does not suffer from these conditions, unresolved emotions can pave the way for chronic diseases to manifest.  These unresolved emotions include grief, anger, jealousy, hatred, […]

What If We Have It All Wrong?

This week I’d like to discuss challenges in our lives. We all grow up with certain expectations based on how we’re influenced early in our lives by our parents, our teachers, our peers and society at large. Most people expect to establish a successful career and find someone with whom to have a close personal relationship with […]

What Is Greater Than Happiness?

Happiness. The word conjures up images of fun, relaxation, spending time with family and friends, travelling and any number of leisurely activities. Even though these are the things that most are seeking, we spend very little time doing the things that make us happy. The reason is that most of our time is spent trying […]