A Christmas Message

Christmas is now upon us and no matter what you may be doing today, whether it is spending time with family and friends or spending time in quiet contemplation, whether you achieved most of your goals for the year or barely got off the ground, whether you are thriving or barely surviving I wanted to send an important message today.

Whatever your situation know that you are one smile away from connecting with someone new.

You are one phone call away from reconnecting with someone from your past who you have lost touch with.

You are one donation away from making someone’s Christmas wish come true.

You are one conversation away from finding your next client.

You are one minute away from withdrawing from the external world and finding a deep inner peace.

You are one book away from learning something new that could bring a positive change in your life.

You are literally one step away from starting a movement practice which could transform your health.

You are one thought away from transforming your negative thinking.

You are one simple, ‘hello,’ away from meeting the partner of your dreams.

You are one decision away from taking the next simplest step towards your greatest goal.

Always remember that your past does not determine your future and that your life can be transformed in this very moment.

All it takes is the realization that the power of choice can never be taken away from you, even if it means choosing your attitude and choosing to find hope regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in.

No matter how you will be spending it, I wish you all a joyous holiday season and a prosperous new year.

Nauman Naeem MD

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