Accelerating Your Awakening

In last week’s blog I talked about how the majority of human beings are asleep to who they truly are and how we need to wake up to our true nature beyond physical form, thought, emotion, life story, relationships, roles and career. I explained how these are simply aspects of who we are which provide […]

Why We Feel Separated and Isolated

We live in a world which is more disconnected than ever. Despite advancing technology, such as the internet, social media and smart phones, which are meant to bring us together, we feel lonelier than ever. Facebook friends and likes have replaced close personal friendships, we prefer to swipe right or left instead of mustering up […]

Wake Up!

If what you think I’m talking about is waking up from your morning sleep then you need to read this. The truth is that the majority of human beings on the planet are asleep all of the time, even when they appear to be awake. What do I mean by being asleep and the call […]

The Beauty of Experience

Experience is a word which I have become interested in lately. What does the word ‘experience’ truly mean? When most people ponder this word they think of their day to day activities and tasks. In addition, most people categorize their experiences into neutral, negative and positive. Let me explain. For most people, going to work is […]

A Transformational Weekend

Several months ago, I travelled to Montreal to speak at the 44th international conference of the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences. This is an organization whose mission is to unite science and spirituality. My topic was ‘Embracing the Unknown,’ but that’s not what I want to talk about. As part of this conference, I […]

Emotional Traumas and Blocks

In my last article I discussed the problem of urban violence in America which is also increasing in incidence in Canada. I linked this rise in urban violence to unresolved past emotional traumas and the subconscious blocks they cause.  The fact is that we all suffer from emotional trauma, no matter how minor we may […]

The Problem of Urban Violence

A few months ago there were two deadly shootings in the United States, in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. I was actually in Ohio, not too far from Dayton, when these took place. These types of shootings, although isolated incidents, seem to be on the rise. Along with these incidents the gun control rhetoric […]

Your Hero’s Journey

A patient, I have looked after for many years, made me reflect deeply recently. Without breaching privacy, all I will say is that he is a male, who I will call Peter, with chronic regional pain syndrome which started after a traumatic injury he suffered 9 years ago. He recovered from the traumatic injury, with multiple surgeries, but […]

Reflections on Being a Physician

My journey to becoming a physician has not been an easy one but it has been more than rewarding. I could not have easily said this through the sleepless nights studying for final exams, bearing the drudgery of seeing patient after endless patient on a night on call as a resident or the countless tasks […]

How to Nurture Your Connection to Your Children

In my last article I discussed the importance of forming a health attachment with your children and how it is crucial for their brain development. I also discussed how this role has been lost in our modern, busy, technologically enhanced lives. We need to continue to nurture our connection with our children despite how complex our lives […]

The Importance of Attachment

A few months ago I attended a talk and workshop, in Toronto, by Canadian author Dr. Gabor Mate who is a family physician from Vancouver, BC, who has worked with the most disenfranchised populations in Vancouver. He has written several best-selling books, including In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, which is about his experiences with treating addiction […]

The Importance of Conscious Breathing

Breathing is the most important function of life. Unfortunately, it is also the first function that we tend to neglect the most. The purpose of breathing is to delivery oxygen from the atmosphere to air sacs in our lungs to be absorbed through the air sac cell membranes into tiny blood vessels called capillaries. From […]

Reframing Problems

Let’s face it. Life is difficult. It is like riding the waves of the ocean. One day it is smooth sailing and the next day it can be a stormy, tumultuous ride. It does not matter how famous you are, how rich you are or how intelligent you are, everyone faces problems. The problem with problems […]

How To Follow The Road Less Travelled

Life should be a glorious adventure. For too many people it is routine and mundane. Many people just go through the same routine on a daily basis which may include going to work, doing the groceries and other errands, if you have children, shuttling them from school to activities to homework before getting them to […]

Using Creative Visualization to Optimize Physiologic Flow

In the last several articles I’ve discussed the concept of physiologic flow and how every aspect of our physiology depends on flow. In the last article I discussed how to optimize our physiologic flow through nutrition. This week I’d like to discuss the use of creative visualization to optimize physiologic flow. Creative visualization is the […]

What Is Physiologic Flow?

In my last post I introduced the concept of inner flow and how it involves going beyond our thoughts and emotions to the deeper essence of who we are which is our consciousness. This week I’d like to discuss the next level of flow which is physiologic flow. What is physiologic flow? If we look […]

The Power of Uncertainty

Life is a funny thing. We are born into this world and immediately expectations are thrust upon us, which may or may not be fulfilled. We are expected to talk and walk by a certain age, play sports and music, excel in one or more activities, do well in school, get into a good university […]

The Role of Your Habit Triggers

Last week we discussed the the importance of defining ‘your powerful why,’ which is the deeper meaning and a higher mission to your life. This provides a strong incentive to quit any bad habits that will prevent you from fulfilling your greater reason for being here on the planet. However, this is only the beginning. […]

The First Step to Changing Your Habits

Last week I introduced the concept of habit change and how habits are lodged in the subconscious mind, which determines 95% of our behaviour. This is why motivation and willpower are not effective because these modalities work on the conscious mind which only determines 5% of our behaviour. This week I’d like to discuss how […]

How To Change Your Habits

Today I’d like to discuss one of the most important determinants of our success in life: our habits. Our habits are crucial to all aspects of our lives including our health, our relationships, our careers, our finances and any other area you can imagine.  If you look at just one of these areas, for example […]

Navigating Uncertainty

The truth is that I often feel uncertainty and confusion about the most important areas of my life including my relationships, my career, my financial status and my goals. I may look accomplished on the outside but there is so much more that I desire to be and to do before I die. As a […]

How To Be Happy

Happiness. We all seek it but do we truly understand it! Do we know what it is its and how to get it? It seems like are our world becomes more and more complex there is an increased focus on being happy but few know how to achieve it. We end up chasing all sorts […]

A Christmas Message

Christmas is now upon us and no matter what you may be doing today, whether it is spending time with family and friends or spending time in quiet contemplation, whether you achieved most of your goals for the year or barely got off the ground, whether you are thriving or barely surviving I wanted to […]

The Most Important Skill You Can Master

One of the most important aspects of our lives is our relationships. Everything we desire including love, friendship, happiness, well-being and wealth depends on our relationships. If we are to enhance the quality of our relationships then we must cultivate the most important skill there is: the art of listening. In our modern society where […]

Finding Hope When All Seems Lost

  As a critical care physician I am often asked to intervene in a patient’s clinical course when things go awry. Usually these patients have been dealing with chronic illness for a number of years and have an acute deterioration which lands them in the hospital. They may deteriorate further and go into severe breathing […]

The Power of Gratitude

Last week marked the annual Thanksgiving holiday for Americans which is the beginning of the holiday season. This is an exciting time for many people as they prepare to entertain their families and friends, purchase gifts for their children, decorate their homes and get caught up in the magic of the season. It can also […]

Experiencing the Depth in Every Moment of Your Life

Our life situations have become chaotic. There is so much vying for our attention at any given moment from our partners, children, extended families, friends, bosses, work colleagues, email, social media, our smart phones, daily chores, meal planning, clothes shopping, entertainment, vacation planning and the myriad of other things that occupy our time. I’m surprised […]

What You Should Teach Your Children

Childhood is a time of wonder and discovery. However, it can also be a time of overwhelm. As a father of three children I know the pressures that children go through with increasing demands on their time from school, extracurricular activities and parental expectations. This does not take into account the many distractions that vie […]

Experiencing the Truth of Who You Are

The word truth conjures up many ideas and images including honesty, integrity and authenticity. Truth is usually discussed in the context of our relationships with others in which honesty of communication is usually valued above all else. However, truth is about more than our relationship to others. The word truth points us to the essence […]

How To Make Empowered Choices

In my last blog post I discussed the power of choice and how we are constantly making choices in every moment of our life. I mentioned that many people make choices which are not necessarily in their best interest. This week I’d like to discuss a process for making more empowered choices. The fact is […]

The Power of Choice

  Choice. It is something that we engage in every moment of our lives. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep that night, we are constantly making choices. These could be simple choices such as what clothes we are going to wear and what route we are going to […]

Demystifying Nutrition

  Nutrition is a very popular and complex subject these days and the weight loss industry capitalizes on this through promoting various diets. There are numerous diets that we are told will help us lose weight and improve our overall health. These include the low carbohydrate diet, gluten free diet, paleo diet, vegan diet, ketogenic […]

Keys to success: What are your non-negotiables?

There has been a lot written about success over many centuries with much more focus on this in the last several decades. We are striving to become smarter, stronger, faster, healthier, wealthier and more accomplished. We want to be more connected with others with more meaningful and fulfilling relationships. With so much information on achieving […]

How To Overcome Your Fears

  In my last blog post I discussed the types of fear that we deal with. I distinguished actual fear from psychological fear with actual fear being a real threat to our wellbeing such as confronting an armed attacker. I also discussed that psychological fears are those fears that are not a real physical threats […]

Are All Fears The Same?

In my last post, I asked the question of why do we fear and where our fears arise from. I discussed how most of our fears are conditioned in early childhood and can affect us throughout our adult lives. Now let’s distinguish the types of fear that we can experience. I make a distinction between […]

Why We Fear

Fear is one of the most common and complicated emotions that we can experience. We all experience this in some way or form in our early childhood and throughout our lives. So what is fear? Fear is a learned response which becomes programmed in early childhood, meaning that it is something that we are not […]

Just Stop!

  Life is chaotic. There are increasing demands on our attention and time. There’s work deadlines, meetings, email, responding to texts, social media, car maintenance, doing groceries, children’s activities, going to the gym, making dinner, your kids’ homework, staying in touch with family and friends and planning vacations to name a few. This does not […]

Living In a Delicate Balance

Life is a continual interplay of opposites. This is evident both on a personal level as well as a global level as we look at the world around us. Whether it is light and dark, compassion and hate, joy and grief, win and loss, elation and despair, life always hangs in a delicate balance. Just […]

Putting Consciousness Into Action In Transforming Your Relationships

In the last several posts I have discussed the importance of cultivating your relationship to yourself as the first step towards elevating all of your relationships with others. I discussed doing this through stillness and I also explained how the purpose of all of our relationships is for our consciousness to express its true nature […]

Why Cultivating Your Relationship With Yourself Is Crucial For All Of Your Relationships

In my last blog I discussed the importance of cultivating your relationship with yourself and how to do this through practicing stillness. This week I’d like to discuss why this is important for all of your external relationships. The fact is that most relationships are plagued by conflict and stress. All you have to do […]

The Importance of Relationship: Cultivating a Healthy Relationship With Yourself

  In my last blog I introduced the topic of relationship and discussed all the various relationships we have including our romantic relationships, family and friends, work colleagues, people we encounter in our daily routine and also our relationship to nature and the universe. I started to discuss the most important relationship which is the […]

Healing Depression: Seeing The Truth Beyond Your Life Story

In the last several posts I have discussed the importance of setting the intention to overcome depression which must be tied to a greater meaning or higher calling. I have also discussed the importance of optimal nutrition and movement in healing depression. I’ve also discussed how to release emotional blocks. In this post, I’d like […]

How Should We Approach a Growing Global Epidemic?

In my last blog I started to discuss the growing global epidemic of depression. I discussed modern medicine’s approach to treating depression which is to prescribe a pharmaceutical agent whose goal is to affect the brain’s neurochemistry. I discussed how this is a misguided approach to treating depression because it does not address the multifactorial […]

Is There A Link Between Negative Emotions and Disease?

Do negative emotions affect your health?  Conditions such as depression and anxiety have been shown to affect how we manage and treat our other chronic conditions but, even if one does not suffer from these conditions, unresolved emotions can pave the way for chronic diseases to manifest.  These unresolved emotions include grief, anger, jealousy, hatred, […]

What If We Have It All Wrong?

This week I’d like to discuss challenges in our lives. We all grow up with certain expectations based on how we’re influenced early in our lives by our parents, our teachers, our peers and society at large. Most people expect to establish a successful career and find someone with whom to have a close personal relationship with […]

What Is Greater Than Happiness?

Happiness. The word conjures up images of fun, relaxation, spending time with family and friends, travelling and any number of leisurely activities. Even though these are the things that most are seeking, we spend very little time doing the things that make us happy. The reason is that most of our time is spent trying […]