What is Healing?

I hope you are having a wonderful day! I wanted to reach out as I emerge from a period of deep introspection and contemplation. I have been going through my own healing process which got me asking the question above, what is healing?

We all know that healthcare systems in many parts of the world, especially Canada, where I live, are broken and falling apart. The issues that the media discusses are long wait times in emergency departments, the lack of primary care physicians and months on end waiting to see specialists.

However, I do not even see this as the bigger problem. The real issue is that most healthcare systems around the world are flawed at their core. They only treat us like we are a bunch of organs encapsulated by bones and skin. They only address the physical aspects of healing through medications and surgery and little else.

Conventional healthcare does not address the other aspects of who we are including our mind and thoughts, our emotions, our vibrational frequency or energy and higher aspects of our being which is often referred to as consciousness. There have been many studies to date that prove that how we think and feel affect our health, directly through our lifestyle choices and indirectly by affecting our autonomic nervous system, which regulates our stress response and controls all of our organ system functioning.

Then what truly is healing? Healing is the process of becoming whole and incorporates the physical, mental, emotional, vibrational and spiritual aspects of who we are. This is what our healthcare system is missing and fails to understand, which is why it is failing at all levels.

If you are dealing with a chronic physical or mental health issue, ask yourself what is it that you truly need to heal? Sit with this question in deep introspection and contemplation and see what comes to you. I can guarantee that you will find answers that no healthcare system can provide.


Dr.  Nauman Naeem


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