What Should You Focus on in 2023?

We are well into 2023 and this is the time that people start taking action on their new year’s resolutions that they set at the end of the past year. Most people start of the year with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm about the goals that they want to achieve. These goals could be around losing weight, improving their relationship, paying off debt or starting a side hustle for extra income, to name a few. However, studies show that by the middle of February, most people have given up on their goals. Why is this?

This is because when people set the new year’s resolutions they want to pursue, they have not changed their mindset. This means that they are approaching their goals and ambitions without the state of mind needed to achieve success. If they had the right mindset then they would not need to set new year’s resolutions, as they would already be on the path to achieving their goals. So what is the solution to this problem?

The solution is to focus on the right things and this is usually not your specific goals because you cannot achieve what you want without the right tools and the right tools are never external. There is a paradox here because most people set external goals, just like the ones I have already mentioned, but this is not what they are seeking. They are seeking the feeling that they will have when they achieve their specific goal and this brings us back to the right tools to achieve your goals. Why wait to achieve your goal before you allow yourself to feel the way it would make you feel?

The fact is that you do not need any specific outcome in your life to feel a certain way. The way you feel is part of your inner landscape and is one of the tools that will help you walk the path to the destination you are seeking. This is the paradox of life, in that you need to create the right inner landscape through emotions in order to achieve the goal you seek, which will bring you back to the same emotions that you started with. This is why you should focus on the feeling that the goal will bring you, before you start thinking about the path to your goals. This will start to create the right inner landscape you need to achieve anything that you desire.

Focus on your inner landscape, especially how you will feel when you achieve what you are seeking, and watch your path unfold to your destination!


Dr. Nauman Naeem




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