The Path to Freedom: How to Live Your Mission

In the last five articles I have introduced the concept of freedom. I’ve discussed how society tries to rob us of our freedom, cultivating awareness around this, creating space in one’s life by letting go of what does not serve us, creating personal time to recharge and reset and finding clarity of purpose. In this article I will discuss what to do when you have clarity of purpose.

We first have to distinguish between purpose and mission. We all have the same purpose in life, which is to discover and live our true nature, which becomes obscured with years and years of societal conditioning and distractions. Our mission is how we express our purpose in our earthly life. Once you have clarity of purpose of why you are here on earth and your higher mission, you then need to create an action plan around it.

What I recommend is brainstorming about your mission. Write down all the steps you must take in order to bring your mission to fruition. For example, your higher mission may be to guide high school students to find a career path or find their calling. There are many steps you can take to fulfill this mission including contacting local school boards to see if you could somehow assist as a student mentor, reaching out to youth groups in your community to see if they could use your assistance, get trained as a guidance counsellor, join or create a Facebook group around this topic and invite people to join, create a meetup in your community on this topic, ask adolescents that you know, such as your children’s friends or those who live in your neighbourhood, what their concerns are about their future, read books on career and higher calling and many more steps that are too numerous to mention here.

The point I am trying to make is that once you know what your higher calling or life mission is, you need to brainstorm as many action steps as you possibly can around this. Once you have created a list of these action steps, the next thing you should do is to prioritize them in an order of significance to help you reach your goal. For example, in order to fulfill your mission of helping adolescents find a career path, you may first want to talk to someone who is already doing this and how they went about it. You may also want to explore education and training around counselling and mentoring to see if it is right for you.

The final step is to create a timeline of actions steps that you will take in the next week, the next month, the next six months and beyond and then schedule the very next step you must take to work towards your higher mission. You must schedule the first step and actually ACT UPON IT because thinking and brainstorming is not enough. Thought creates the playing field for your higher mission but you must actually play in that field which is all about action. If this is too overwhelming or difficult then break the first step into bitesize chunks that you can digest one at a time. As the old saying goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

In summary, once you know your higher calling you must brainstorm all the actions you can take to fulfill this mission, prioritize them in order of importance and take the next smallest step you can towards fulfilling your goal. If you do this over time, your higher mission will unfold and materialize right before your very eyes as an expression of your true purpose here on the earth. This is the key to health, happiness, peace and fulfillment and is essential to realizing ultimate freedom in the physical realm.


Dr. Nauman Naeem

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