Why is Our World in Chaos?

Does it seem like our world is slipping deeper into chaos? Pandemics, wars, climate change, inflation, political turmoil are just some of the topics that have filled news headlines lately. However, it is not just global chaos but individual turmoil and uncertainty as people struggle with chronic diseases, which are on the rise globally, strained relationships, job loss, underemployment and financial uncertainty.

The question then arises is that why is this happening? For people in the early part of their lives, global and personal turmoil may seem like a new and rising phenomenon, however this is not true. If you talk to people in their 80s and even 90s, they lived through World War II, so they have witnessed much worse. If we go back through the centuries there have always been wars and pandemics, although climate change may be a more recent phenomenon.

If we want to get to the roots of global and individual turmoil, we have to look at our values and where we place our attention. You see, the vast majority of the world’s population is living their lives from a false paradigm, which is that everything that we can perceive with our five senses is real. This is why people pursue things of this world which such fervour such as careers, jobs, relationships, houses, cars, consumer goods, vacations and leisure.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with pursuing these things as we are incarnated into physical form here on this earth and we need certain things in order to live and thrive in the physical realm. The problem arises when we pursue these things to the exclusion of what truly matters.

And what is it that truly matters? It is your inner world, which is the gateway to discovering who you truly are. You see, we get lost in the external world and all of its pursuits. We also get lost in our own thoughts and emotions and are at their mercy. However, none of these things truly matter because we are in the physical world but are not of this world. What do I mean by this?

I mean that we are not the physical, mental or emotional beings that we think of ourselves as being. We are the consciousness, being, awareness or soul that animates the physical form that we have incarnated as here on the earth. The world we live in just creates the context for the journey of our soul and to realize our true nature as infinite beings of pure energy.

In this sense, the physical world is just an illusion and the true reality lies deep within each of us. In fact, the roots of all suffering lie in the negation of this fact and pursuing the things of this world as an end in themselves. Yes, we should strive to achieve worthy goals, live in relationship and even enjoy some affluence but only if we are doing this from a place of deep embodied being or awareness of our true nature.

People often become so identified with their careers, the roles they play, their relationships, their material possessions that they lose sight of their true nature. This is the root of all suffering and therein lies the answer to why our world is in such chaos. This is because the majority of humanity is caught up it the illusion and has no idea who they truly are.

We will all continue to suffer globally and individually until we no longer need to. The day we no longer need to suffer is the day humanity reaches a threshold of awakening to its true infinite nature of being, consciousness or energy, whatever term resonates with you. Until this happens, the world will continue to slip deeper into chaos and our collective suffering will persist, until we wake up from the collective identification with the illusion of what we think true reality is.

The question is, will be wake up before its too late for us, or will we risk global extinction? Only time will tell but, in the next article, I will give you some things you can do right now to realize your true nature and live from this place.


Dr Nauman Naeem

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