How to Redefine Yourself

How does one redefine themselves? As we emerge from the chaos of the pandemic and how tumultuous it has been on our lives, many people are questioning themselves and their priorities. They are reexamining their careers and whether they want to spend the rest of their lives doing what they have been doing. They are realizing that their relationships either thrived or suffered during the pandemic, which can often call for some difficult decisions around relationship dynamics. They are realizing how limited time we have on the planet and are trying to discover how they truly want to spend this time and with whom.

People are trying to discover who they truly are and how they can use this knowledge to redefine themselves. This can be both an exciting and stressful endeavour, however, I have a few pointers that can help you navigate your own personal change in the midst of the global transformation that we are in the midst of.

1. Take time for introspection and taking a deep dive into your inner world of thoughts and feelings. This can done be through meditation, yoga, journalling, going for a walk in nature or any number of ways but you must take this time to ground yourself and to put things in perspective.

2. Do not beat yourself up for where you have been in your life and with whom, if you feel that this has not served you. The truth is that everything in your past has served your growth and evolution to bring you to the current moment where you are redefining yourself.

3. Acknowledge what you have done up to this point and all that you have accomplished. Even if this has not been in true alignment with who you are, you have learned much and have gained valuable skills, which you will carry into the next chapter of your life.

4. Find mentors who can guide you at this crossroads in your life. Treading unknown territory can be intimidating and having someone who has been there, by your side, will provide you much needed guidance and support in this crucial time.

5. Enjoy the process and the journey! Life is not static but a dynamic process as our bodies are constantly changing, our relationships are evolving, and what engages our interest and attention can also change with the seasons of our lives. It is important not to question the transition you are going through but to realize that the nature of life is change, which can be the greatest adventure if you only allow it to be.

Dr. Nauman Naeem


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