Navigating Change

Change can be intimidating and daunting.

A lot has changed on a global scale over the last two years through the pandemic including how we work, how we interact with teach other, how we do business.

Much has changed in people’s personal lives as well with relationships being strained and challenged, people being laid off or just outright leaving their jobs, that were not fulfilling, and increasing personal health challenges with the strain that the pandemic has put on our world’s healthcare systems.

So how does one navigate change in a complex world? There is no simple answer to this question, however, I have a few thoughts that I would like to share.

My first thought is that we have to realize that change is inevitable. Everything is, not only subject to change, but is always changing. Just think of our physiology and how much change our bodies go through over the course of a year, let alone our lifetimes. The latest statistics show that the average person will change jobs 12 times in their lifetime. With the divorce rate being more than 50%, there is also no guarantee that you will be in the same long-term relationship years from now.

We have to accept that we will all face constant change in all the areas of our lives and should be cognizant of this fact.

My second thought is that change may be painful in the moment but is always happening for our greater good. This may not become apparent until some time passes after the change but you have to trust that all change is a gift from the universe to help us find the path we are truly meant to be on.

My third thought is that we need to always remain adaptable and flexible, no matter where we find ourselves and how stable our lives seem to be. Everything can change in an instant and those who do not accept and embody this fact will face a lot of pain and suffering.

If something is inevitable why not accept it and enjoy it?

My final thought is that, when we are facing change, we need to look beyond the surface and go deep into the situation to understand its true meaning. A relationship may end due to two people growing apart, who are now free to pursue their true path. You may get fired from a job that you hated anyways and had to be released from in order to find your higher calling. Physical symptoms and health issues always point to a deeper imbalance somewhere in your physiology, psychology, your emotional self or your energy.

It is only by embracing change that we can navigate it with ease, learn from it and use that knowledge to discover who we are, why we are here and what our path forward truly is.

Therefore, welcome any change that comes your way and use it to fuel your life’s journey. If you are able to do this you will find yourself welcoming change in your life with ease and even learning to love it!

Dr. Nauman Naeem


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