What is the Flow?

In my last article I introduced the concept of flow so you’re probably wondering what do I mean by being in the flow? The flow is a state of complete inner harmony and synchronicity with your external environment and the outer world. It is a state that professional athletes often refer to as being in the zone and is often witnessed by sports fans when an athlete performs and executes flawlessly. However, you do not have to be a professional athlete to enter the flow.

Even though entering the flow has, traditionally, been considered a state of peak performance, it is, actually, a state of consciousness from which we can source our entire life, not just the times when we need to be at our best. There are many aspects which go into being in the flow including our mind and thoughts, our emotions, our life story, our physiology, how we move our bodies and finding our inspiration and higher mission as well as many other aspects, which I will discuss in time.

Anyone can achieve the state of flow through cultivating their inner world and finding harmony with their outer world through various practices. Most people will think that I am simply talking about the practice of meditation, however, it goes way beyond this. Meditation is just one form of stillness practices, which are one aspect of entering the flow. In order to meditate effectively, one must understand the workings of their mind and emotions at the deepest level. This is something that nobody is taught and few people ever venture to learn but is an essential aspect of stillness practices, which are one aspect of entering the flow.

In my next article, I will introduce the first gateway to entering the flow, which is the gateway of mind and thought. I look forward to being your guide on this journey.

Dr. Nauman Naeem


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