How to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

In my last article, I discussed the concept of vibrational frequency and how all living and non-living entities have the illusion of solidity. We are all made of subatomic particles, which are just energy vibrating at a certain frequency. I introduced the concept of raising our vibrational frequency and now I will discuss how to practically do this. There are many ways to raise our vibrational frequency.

1) You must stay hydrated at all times. It has been estimated that 75% of people are chronically dehydrated. The best way to stay hydrated is by drinking filtered water with lemon and sea salt throughout the day, in small sips, which will give you the electrolytes your body needs.

2) You must eat foods of a high nutritional value. The foods which will lower your vibrational frequency are ones that are highly inflammatory, such as sugar, dairy, corn, soya, grain and peanuts. Nutrient dense foods include non-GMO vegetables of all sorts including greens and root vegetables, berries and fruits, seeds and nuts and fish, seafood and meat that is ethically raised without hormones and antibiotics.

3) Feel all of your emotions. It is not the negative emotions that lower our vibrational frequency but only the negative emotions that we suppress and hold onto. By virtue of being human, we are all going to feel negative emotions at some point, such as anger, sadness and grief, but if we let ourselves feel those emotions and not resist them, they will pass through us and not affect our vibrational frequency.

4) Increase your positive emotions. We are seek to feel joy, love, serenity and ecstasy but these feelings often seem elusive. The fact is that you do not need any special external circumstances to feel these emotions because they all arise within you. A wonderful experience can help trigger them but is not an absolute necessity so start feeling these positive emotions right now.

5) Actively forgive yourself and others. We are often very hard on ourselves and feel regret over wrong choices which have led to adverse experiences. The fact is that everyone is going to make choices, at some point or another, that lead to adverse outcomes. Nobody is to blame for this because we often cannot see the future outcomes of the choices we make now. This is why we must be compassionate with ourselves by being self-forgiving. In the same way, we must forgive others who we perceive as having wronged us because, often, other people have no idea of the effect they have on you until it is too late.

6) Practice selflessness. This is done by giving to others, whether it is financially, your time or your attention. Practicing selflessness reaffirms the truth that we are all one and what we do for another we do for ourselves. This will help to raise the vibrational frequency of the planet as a whole.

7) Practice stillness. This can be done in any number of ways, such as meditation, mindfulness, contemplation, spending time in nature, journaling, painting, to name a few. Stillness practices put you in connection with your true nature beyond the superficial aspects of who you are, such as your physical body, your thoughts, your emotions and your life story. They reveal to you your true being or consciousness.

8) Love unconditionally. Do not miss an opportunity to show your love for another. This can be through physical expression, kind words, listening to someone when they are expressing themselves, giving gifts or any number of other ways.  Love is who we are, in essence, and unconditional love is our true nature. The more we express this the more we affirm our true nature, which will raise our vibrational frequency.

9) Spend more time in the wildness of nature. Nature resonates with the highest vibrational frequency and the most time you spend in her, especially in deep nature connection practices such as tracking and sit spots, the higher you will raise your own vibrational frequency.

These are some of the main ways to raise our vibrational frequency and I encourage you to start to do some, if not all of these practices, right now. You will immediately recognize the benefits and live from your highest state where all things are possible and only limited by your imagination.

Dr. Nauman Naeem

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