Reframing Your Problems

Let’s face it. Life is full of problems. Not a day goes by that we don’t have to deal with issues in our lives, whether they are minor or major. These problems can involve our health, our relationships, our finances and our careers or professional lives. They may even lie outside the realm of these categories. The point here is that we often get bogged down in what we refer to as problems in our life situations. However, what if what we refer to as problems were not really problems at all? What if there were a greater meaning behind them?

Here are three ways that we can reframe our problems in an empowering way. The first is to see our problems as lessons that life is trying to teach us. We often face challenges and obstacles in our lives in order for us to learn something deeper about life that we did not know beforehand. What we refer to as problems may just be teachers that are giving us important life lessons. It is up to us to take, what we call problems, and discover the lessons that these teachers are trying to convey to us.

The second way to reframe our problems is to see our problems as adventures. An adventure is an unexpected twist or turn in our lives that takes us down a path that we least expect. Adventure implies excitement, intrigue and growth beyond our comfort zones. If we are able to reframe our problems into adventures, they will continue to challenge us, however, our perspective on them will shift. This will allow us to navigate them with a different mindset, one of discovery and living in the moment rather than one of fear and dread.

The third way to reframe our problems is to see them as a preparation for something greater, which awaits you on your life path. We often face problems in order to learn the lessons, skills and perspective we need, in order to face what lies on the road ahead. We don’t always know what life will bring us but we can be assured that whatever problems or challenges we face in our lives, they are preparing us for a greater future that awaits us. Therein lies the beauty and wisdom of problems.

Therefore, the next time you face a problem, do not get overwhelmed and retreat in fear from it. Reframe it in the way I have discussed above and you will be able to use your problems as fuel for your life’s journey. They will help you grow, evolve, learn and discover more about yourself than you ever thought possible.

Dr. Nauman Naeem


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