How to Create Real Change in Yourself and the World

I’d like to continue my series on being an active agent of change in a world gone mad. I’ve discussed that the world we live in is in a chaotic state largely due to the complacency of the majority of humanity. I’ve also discussed the roots of complacency which lie in ignorance of the true roots of what is happening in our world or denial of what is going on. I went on to discuss how to overcome this complacency by engaging in self-education through true sources of knowledge and through cultivating compassion with those who you know who are struggling in their lives.

In order to illustrate self-education, I’d like to discuss an area that I am very familiar with, that of health. In the realm of health, we usually look to the healthcare system for guidance when we develop symptoms or get ill. Certainly, there is a role for conventional medicine in dealing with acute illness and injury, such as a serious infection or a traumatic injury. However, conventional medicine really falters in the area of chronic disease, as it only deals with the symptoms through pharmaceuticals and, possibly, procedures. It does not dive into the roots of chronic illness including nutrition, movement and exercise, sleep, emotions, negative thinking and self-talk, limiting beliefs, stress and trauma. We are not going to learn these aspects of health and healing from the healthcare system, which is why we have to educate ourselves on these topics.

Seeking true sources of knowledge is a topic all on its own but what I recommend is that you use your intuition as your guide. Your intuition is your gut instinct, which alerts you to something being wrong. It tells you when someone is staring at you, when you don’t even see them. It gives you the feeling that you should take one route on your walk home instead of another. It warns you about whether or not you can trust those who you meet on a daily basis. Too often we squash the voice of our intuition, however, it is our greatest guide and is the voice of our Highest Self. Cultivate your intuition by listening to your inner voice, whether it is in the form of a feeling, a nagging thought or a line in a book you read or a message on a billboard that you drive by. Your intuition speaks to you in various ways.

Once you have identified true sources of knowledge and have started to dive into them, you need to begin applying what you are learning and the first place to apply your knowledge is to yourself. Using the example of health above, if you suffer from a chronic illness and are just sustaining it with multiple medications, then you have not uncovered the true roots of what ails you. Use your intuition to guide you to true sources of knowledge and dive deep into them and then be an example of what you have learned. Quit your toxic habits, clean up your nutrition, start moving and exercising your body, get enough sleep, release your toxic emotions, release your limiting beliefs and manage your stress.

Once you are able to apply the knowledge you have gained to yourself, you will notice changes in your life. In the realm of health, you will notice changes in your physiology, your energy, your mood, your libido, your wellbeing and your outlook on life. This is when you become the change that you wish to see in the world. You must first be, then learn and then act. You must be the seeker of the truth, learn from the source of your seeking and then act accordingly. This is when the world around you will be positively influenced. All change happens from the inside out and it has never not been this way.

The reason the world is in such turmoil is that we, ourselves, the majority of humanity, are in a state of inner turmoil and conflict. It is only through clearing our own slate of falsehood and illusion and filling that void with the truth, that we can be an example of this for those who are closest to us, then our community, then our greater society and then the world. This is how true change is manifested in the world and it all starts with you.

If you do not get over your complacency, rooted in ignorance and denial, and start seeking the truth and acting on it, how can you expect anybody else to? You cannot wait for other people to do this because everyone is waiting for someone else to find the solutions and the solve the problems that we all face. It all has to start with you and, if you do not take this path, then just accept the world the way it is because it will never be any different than it is now until you choose for yourself what you want for others and the world.

You have now been given a choice, which has implications for the future of humanity and the planet itself.

Choose wisely.


Dr. Nauman Naeem


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