Is Chronic Disease an Illusion?

Did I get your attention? I know there are many of you who suffer with what you have been told is a chronic disease. However, you have only been told part of the picture. Let me explain.

You see, life is a dynamic process and is always changing and evolving. This evolution of life involves the whole of who you are. What do I mean by this? You are not just a physical being, like you may have been led to believe. You are a multi-dimensional being, which includes mental, emotional, vibrational, spiritual and existential. This means that you are evolving through all these levels of your being.

So what happens when you start having symptoms and become labelled with a chronic disease? What this means is one of three things.

1) You could be out of balance somewhere in one of the levels of your being.

2) There is something that you need to discover about your life and who you are, which can only be learned by going deep within,

3) Your Higher Self or soul is ready to move on to the next stage of evolution by shedding your physical body in the process known as death.

We are not static but dynamic beings which is why I say chronic disease is an illusion because it can only exist in a static state. It is simply a stop on our path of evolution and a sign from the universe, alerting you to one of the three possibilities I have mentioned above. The problem is that this is an understanding which is not taught to physicians in medical school and scarcely understood by the general public.

I wrote a book several years ago, ‘Healing From The Inside Out: Overcome Chronic Disease and Radically Change Your Life,’ where I go into a lot of depth into our multi-dimensional nature and how to truly heal. If you want to go deeper into your true nature and how to heal, I encourage you to read this book.

Regardless, you need to realize that when you develop symptoms and get diagnosed with an illness, it is just the universe telling you that your life is a dynamic process and you are simply going through the process of change and evolution, whether there is a lesson for you to be learned, you are out of balance and harmony within or it is time for your soul to leave your body.

This understanding of chronic disease has the power to radically transform the healthcare system, the suffering of millions around the world and your relationship to your own health.

Dr. Nauman Naeem


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