Your Life Is a Continuum

We often think of our lives as one challenge after another interspersed with brief periods of joy. It can certain seem like this, especially in the tumultuous year that is soon coming to a close. We have been challenged in all areas of our lives, which is compounded by fear around our health, our relationships, our careers and financial future.


Many people get overcome with these challenges and fall victim to the fear and overwhelm, which can often accompany them. What we need to realize is that our life is not about the obstacles, that all too often arise. Our life is about discovering what our true nature is.

The fact is that we are greater than our the circumstances that make up the story of our lives. Our lives are a continuum, which did not begin at birth or ends at death. Who we truly are is the same life force or energy, which arose from the origin of the universe in the cataclysmic event known as the Big Bang. This is when Being became manifest into form.

It is this same life force that gives rise to our physical incarnation here on this planet so, you see, who we truly are is far greater than we can fathom. It is beyond our personal struggles, our life stories and even beyond our thoughts and emotions. This life force, which animates all living and non-living things, often goes by different names such as consciousness, awareness or spirit.

Regardless of how you refer to it, it is all there is and forms a continuum which began with the origin of the universe. A metaphor which can help you understand this is the ocean. The surface of the ocean is always changing and can have gentle ripples or stormy waves, much like our life circumstances and stories. However, if you go to the depths of the ocean, there is only calm and serenity, which is unaffected by anything that happens on the surface.

The continuum of life is this depth of serenity which underlies all changing outer form that makes up our life here on earth. Once you can realize this and live from the depth of this continuum, nothing that happens on the surface can affect you.

This does not mean that you won’t face challenges, its just that you will be able to navigate them with greater ease and their outcome will no longer matter to you. The fact is that you are formless, timeless and infinite, much like the consciousness from which the universe arose. You are the universe trying to understand and know itself.

Once you know and embody this truth, you will be on the path to mastering your life and unlocking the mysteries of the universe. This is the greatest adventure anybody can take and has been calling to you from the day you were born.

It is now up to you to answer this call.


Dr. Nauman Naeem

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