How To Be Fully Present

What does it mean to be fully present? This is a question that I’ve been struggling with for years. I’ve always thought that my life would have a certain trajectory and I would have hit certain milestones by various stages in my life’s journey.

Needless to say, this did not happen. I’m not saying that I have not accomplished great things and reached challenging goals. What I am saying is that the path my life has taken often veered off course of where I thought it was meant to go.

Herein lies the secret of being fully present. The secret is to rest in the knowledge that your life is not meant to conform to your expectations of how it should unfold. Is this not the truth? How many times have you made plans in your life that did not go as you expected them to? We can probably all count many times that his has occurred.

Once we are comfortable with the fact that there is no certainty in anybody’s life including our own, we can deeply settle into fully experiencing every moment regardless of the outer form it takes. This is how we can be fully present in our lives and discover the mystery of who we truly are in our core essence. In this mystery lies the beauty of life, which is ours to uncover if we only have the courage and the wisdom to take this journey into the depth of the present moment.

Dr. Nauman Naeem


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