Why You Must Rise to Become a Spiritual Warrior

The world is suffering. This is no surprise to anybody as, for decades, we have been dealing with one global crisis after another from World Wars to global poverty to terrorism to climate change to pandemics to many other issues, which are too numerous to mention here.

The problem with these crises are that we are trying to solve them on a physical or material level. For example, the problem of global poverty is dealt with through aid programs and charitable organizations and the problem of terrorism is dealt with by putting more financial resources into the militaries of western democracies to fight this scourge.

As we all know, these solutions have been ineffective. Why is this? This is because these solutions only address the symptoms and not the true underlying cause. Throwing money at the problem of global poverty does not address the underlying issue of lack of education, empowerment and opportunity available to billions of people around the world who get stuck in the vicious cycle of economic despair, unable to get out of this rut.

Strengthening the militaries of western democracies and trying to deal with terrorism with force only reinforces the resolve and determination of terrorists to fight back and, relentlessly, continue their deadly campaign of attacking those who they see as the roots of the problems that their countries face, including brutally oppressive dictatorships, supported by the same western governments that claim to want to root out terrorism.

In fact, it was not long ago that the world’s most famous physicist, Albert Einstein, stated, ‘You cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it.’ This is why the world’s crises will never be solved through physical or material level because these measures come from the same thinking that created these problems and do not get to the roots of these issues.

The roots to our global crises lie at a fundamentally deeper level, which is that of consciousness. Consciousness or awareness or being or soul or unconditional love are all words that point to the same thing, which is the true reality which underlies the illusion of everything that we think is real. It is only from this level of consciousness that we will have any chance of successfully engaging and solving our global crises.

This is why you must rise to become a spiritual warrior. This is the inner journey to your true essence beyond all the falsehood and illusions of who you think you are, beyond thought, beyond emotions, beyond your physical body, beyond your life story, beyond the roles you play and beyond the material things that you covet in your life.

Everyone of us must take this inner journey which is the greatest adventure you will ever experience and will reveal to you the truth of your higher nature. Once you are able to realize this and live from this deeper place, you will experience more joy, fulfilment, clarity and serenity. From this place the solutions to what ails you and the planet will, eventually, become apparent.

Take the first step in this journey today! Start journalling on your thoughts and emotions, meditate, take up qigong or tai chi, spend more time in nature, read books on spirituality, metaphysics and consciousness or simply take at least 5 minutes a day contemplating your greater reason for being on the planet right here, right now.

The future of humanity depends on this and your life will be transformed through this most important of all journeys: the inner journey of the spiritual warrior.

Dr. Nauman Naeem


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