Are You Broken?

It is so easy to feel this way, especially in the last six months, in which we have been challenged more than we ever thought we would be in all the areas of our lives. Even before the pandemic, people were overwhelmed and stressed out. The fact is that the world we live in is a huge distraction and is designed to keep us believing that we are less than whole, that we need more than we have and that we always need to be striving for material things, a better job, the next relationship, a better vacation or any number of things that suck us into their quagmire of illusion that they are the next best thing that will bring us joy, fulfillment and serenity.

It is no wonder that we can feel that we are broken and need to be fixed by something outside of ourselves. However, this is just an illusion. The fact is that you are not broken but have been conditioned to believe this by the world around you because the world wants you to fulfill its agenda and not yours. When you feel broken you are always looking to something outside of yourself to fix yourself.

However, what you will eventually discover is that nothing outside of yourself can heal you and that all healing begins within. Your feeling of being broken is just a sign that you need to look deeper within to find the true source of your healing, beyond your thoughts, your emotions and the stories you have created about yourself.

In fact, the more broken you feel, the more the world outside you will fail you and as your suffering grows you will eventually reach a point that you have no choice but to go within. This was the experience of the famous author Eckhart Tolle, who wrote the landmark book, ‘The Power of Now.’ His suffering was so great that he realized that he could no longer live with himself, a realization which took him to the depths of awareness and his true nature. This was the source of his healing as described in his book.

However, you do not need to reach this point of desperation in order to wake up and heal. You can do it right here, right now, in this very moment. All you need is the insight to realize that your thoughts are just your perception of reality, that you emotions are just how you experience your physical life on the planet and that there is something deeper within you, which is the truth about who you truly are.

Once you have the insight then you need the courage to get beyond your personal demons of negative thinking, suppressed emotions and identification with your life story, which are the gatekeepers, which keep you from going deep within. If you are able to muster the courage to confront these gatekeepers and take this journey, you will realize that you are not broken and are far greater than you ever realized.

This is the path to self-actualization and mastery and is the greatest journey anybody can ever take. The question I leave you with is how long will you keep waiting to go on this ultimate adventure and let go of your suffering and the illusion that you are broken? Only you can answer this question.

Dr. Nauman Naeem


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