How To Manifest What You Want

Much of our lives look a lot different than they did 6 months ago. The pandemic has changed many people’s lives in the realms of health, relationships, careers, finances and their future outlook. Although things may often seem hopeless, we must not lose hope. Realize that you can still create the life that you desire. How is this possible when the world looks so dismal you may ask? Let’s dive deeply into this.

You see, most people, judge what they can have or accomplish by their external circumstances and the environment around them. This is why they never reach their goals. You see, you have no control over your external circumstances and what is happening in the world around you. Proof of this is that most of you had made plans 7 months ago for this summer, which likely got cancelled or changed because of the pandemic. This is not something that any of us could anticipate but has affected nearly the entire world’s population.

So if you cannot control what happens in your external circumstances then what do you have control over? It is just one thing and that is the world within you. You have control over your thoughts, your feelings and depths to which you can explore your inner being and the discovery of your true nature. This sort of inner exploration can only happen in the present moment.

When you make this inner journey in the present moment, you start to realize the false identities you have held which can include your thoughts, your emotions, your life stories, your physical body, who you are to other people in your life, your career or job title and how others define you. Once you start to let go of all your false identities you start to touch the depths of your true nature and realize that you are an infinite being with limitless potential.

It is from this place that you can manifest whatever your heart desires and achieve what you once thought was not possible. In order to get to this place, you must learn to be fully present in the moment, regardless of its outer form. It is from this place of presence and surrender that you can go deep within to your true essence, regardless of your outer circumstances, and start to create the life you desire.

This all begins with stillness practices, which move you towards becoming fully present and touching the depths of your being. This will be the topic of my next blog. In the meantime, try to notice what in your life keeps you from being fully present in the moment.

Dr. Nauman Naeem

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