The One True Journey Which You Must Take

As we slowly start to emerge from the pandemic there are a few things that we realize. The first is that things will never be quite the same as they were before COVID 19. The second is that the only certainty in the external world is uncertainty. In fact, uncertainty is something that is with us from the day we are born.

Think about it. After your conception, you develop within your mother’s body, in her uterus. In this protected environment, you are safe, secure and feel nurtured. However, this all changes at the time of birth. When you are born into this world you are thrust into a new and strange environment which is completely unfamiliar and very different from the safety of the womb.

This is your first experience of uncertainty. As you grow up in the world you soon realize that the nature of life is uncertain. There are failures, rejections, betrayals, unfulfilled dreams and changes in course throughout our lives. I am not saying this to sound dismal or to bring you down but this is simply a fact.

The world we live in and our physical lives are uncertain by nature. Ask someone who has just gotten in a car accident, has had their romantic partner leave them, has had a sudden heart attack or has just been told by their physician that they have cancer. Uncertainty lies just around the corner of every path we can take in our lives.

This is why the most important journey we can take is deep within ourselves. Why do I say this? This is because it is only within that we can realize our true nature of pure, unbridled consciousness. You see the world is designed to distract us from our true nature and, through our various life experiences, we start to identify with our negative thinking, limiting beliefs, suppressed emotions, physical bodies, the roles we play, our careers, our successes and our failures.

The fact is that we are none of these things but are the deeper consciousness that underlies all the superficial aspects of who we think we are. This deeper consciousness is also known as being, spirit or energy but it is who we truly are beyond all our facades and illusions.

The reason most people do not take this journey within is because of the gatekeepers on this path. Who are the gatekeepers? They are our inner demons of negative thinking and suppressed emotions which lead us to believe that it is not safe to go within and keep us mired in the illusion and superficiality of our worldly existence.

The reason these inner demons or gatekeepers do this is because they are trying to protect our ego or lower self. What we need to realize that our ego self is there to help us survive in this world but is not who we truly are. The ego fears its annihilation which is why it sends these gatekeepers to keep us from taking this journey within.

We need to find the courage to get beyond these gatekeepers and take the path to higher consciousness because this is the only true path to joy, fulfillment and serenity. The light of pure consciousness is the only certainty in an uncertain and fragile world. It is because not enough people take this journey that we suffer global pandemics of negative thinking, chronic stress, depression, anxiety, addiction and suicide.

In conclusion, the only true journey that you must take is the journey within to the core of your being which is your true nature of pure consciousness. I feel that this is the biggest message and lesson that we can learn from the current pandemic. This journey will liberate you from all your perceived limitations and reveal to you your true greatness and beauty and is absolutely necessary at this time if humanity is to thrive and evolve beyond its current paradigm

Dr. Nauman Naeem


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