Finding The Positive

We are now nearly a month into the Coronavirus pandemic and billions of people around the world are in lockdown. The media just keeps piling on an onslaught of negative news from Italy, New York and other parts of the world. It is difficult to note lose hope but, in times like these, we must focus on the positive.

You may be wondering, what positive could possibly come out of such a globally challenging situation? All it takes is a change in perspective and focus. Here are the positive things that have come out of this pandemic.

1) We have all been forced to slow down. The fact is that most people were living rushed, hectic lives of overwhelm bordering on burnout with no end in sight. The pandemic has put a stop to this.

2) We have time to contemplate and introspect. Due to the nature of our busy lives, most of us have no time to take stock of our lives and truly reflect on where we have been, where we are now and where we are going and want to go. Thanks to COVID 19, we now can.

3) Since everyone is now forced to stay home, families are finally cooking and eating meals together.

4) Our activities have been reduced to playing board games and going for long walks in our neighbourhoods with our families and getting to know each other better.

5) There are less vehicles on the road and factories have either cut back production or shut down, decreasing the amount of air pollution.

6) With less vehicles on the road there are less traffic accidents.

7) Many large cities are reporting a decrease in crime.

8) Due to less access to our own physicians, we now have to pay attention to our lifestyle choices to stay healthy including optimizing our sleep, hydration, nutrition and exercise.

9) Due to all the time now on our hands, many people are reaching out to estranged family members and rekindling old friendships.

10) We now have ample time to clean out our home closets and drawers and to get rid of anything that we do not need.

11) We now have time to learn and practice meditation, one of the most inexpensive and useful practices to help alleviate our stress.

12) We no longer have any excuse to not spend time in and enjoy nature, whether it is spending time in our backyards, a local park or going for a hike in the forest.

13) We have been forced to simplify our overly complex lives.

14) We have been stripped of everything that we thought truly mattered thus forcing us to reevaluate our priorities.

So you see, all it takes is a change in what you are focusing on to see the good that has come out of our current pandemic predicament. By focusing on the positive, we will be better able to navigate this global challenge and find ways, to not only improve our current situation, but to thrive in it!

Nauman Naeem MD


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