The Deeper Meaning Behind The Coronavirus Epidemic

In the last few months, especially in the last several weeks, the entire world now knows about the new coronavirus infection COVID 19. It initially began in Wuhan, China and has now appeared in every continent except for Antartica. Cases are now appearing in countries with no connection to China such as Iran and Italy with the first reported case in South America this week. All the indicators are that COVID 19 is likely going to be declared a pandemic.

If you want to know how to protect yourself and your family from this rapidly spreading infection there are many resources on the internet including the Centers for Disease Control at the following link. My goal here is not to discuss the intricacies of this new viral epidemic but to discuss the deeper meaning behind it.

You see, in the last two decades, the world has faced a lot of uncertainty. I believe this all started with the attacks that took place in America on 11/9/2001. This made everyone around the world realize that nobody is truly safe from terrorist attacks. It was not long after this that the financial crisis of 2008 hit which affected society at all levels from corporations to individuals who lost jobs, homes and struggled to survive. The last decade has brought numerous rapidly evolving global challenges including global regional conflict, namely in the middle east, the global problem of human trafficking, species loss from environmental degradation and the challenges of climate change.

The new COVID 19 soon-to-be pandemic is just the latest in the series of global challenges that humanity has been facing. What is the deeper meaning behind this and all the other challenges that humanity has been facing? I believe that humanity is being called to consciously evolve to a higher level. This is because the old way of thinking and doing things can no longer serve us. What do I mean by this?

The old way of thinking was about competition and survival of the fittest. The new way of thinking is about realizing our oneness and how anything that adversely affects another, also adversely affects you. All of our challenges have shown us this, especially the emerging COVID 19 pandemic from which nobody around the world is truly safe. The only way to overcome this and other challenges that we face as humanity is as a collective.

Humanity can be compared to the human body. The human body is composed of trillions of cells, many of which are far removed from each other, but all must work in harmony to maintain health and wellbeing of the individual which the cells form. The same is true of humanity, which, in order to thrive as a species, must work in global harmony and oneness towards the same aim which is peace, happiness and wellbeing for all. In fact, no one country can control and eradicate COVID 19 because of how rapidly it can spread. This new infection is showing us that we must ALL work together to defeat it. We are all part of the greater whole and can no longer operate in isolation.

The other big lesson from the challenges of the last few decades is that we must embrace the unknown in our individual lives. We do this by stepping out of our comfort zones and trying new things, meeting new people and experiencing things that we never have before. We must do this to grow and evolve individually but also to bring forth new ways of thinking and doing things in the world. The fact is that the old paradigm no longer serves us and we have to evolve to the next level if we are to survive and thrive both individually and as a species.

Until we realize and embody this fact, we will continue to face global challenges which will put us in the midst of uncertainty which we are unwilling to embrace individually. If we do not wake up and step out of the old paradigm into new ways of thinking and being in the world, we all face extinction. This will not be from COVID 19 but from the coming future challenges, which will continue to befall humanity as a whole if we remain asleep.

My intention here is not to frighten you but to get you to see this new infectious threat and all the global challenges which have preceded it, in recent years, for what they truly represent: a wake up call for all of the individuals who make up the whole of humanity to realize their oneness and embrace the unknown. In the next blog, I’ll discuss how to do this in more detail.

Nauman Naeem MD


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