Emotional Traumas and Blocks

In my last article I discussed the problem of urban violence in America which is also increasing in incidence in Canada. I linked this rise in urban violence to unresolved past emotional traumas and the subconscious blocks they cause. 

The fact is that we all suffer from emotional trauma, no matter how minor we may think it is. Abuse does not have to be physical or sexual but can also take the form of emotional neglect which is considered an Adverse Childhood Event. Even if we have a great family upbringing we have no control over the countless influences we experience in greater society such as rejection, bullying, academic stress and peer pressure which can also cause unresolved emotional distress.

The question then arises how do we deal with these emotional traumas. The first step is to acknowledge any current issues, challenges or obstacles we are dealing with. These may be related to our personal relationships, disagreements with our boss or co-workers, health issues or financial debt or loss. These are often rooted in unresolved emotions.

We then need to trace these issues right to their emotional root. What are the feelings associated with the challenges or obstacles we are facing? Are they grief, anger, fear, regret, shame, bitterness or any other related negative emotions?

Once we are able to identify the emotional roots of our issues, we then need to locate where these feelings are in our bodies. Grief is often felt in the heart, anger in the gastrointestinal tract as something we cannot ‘digest’, and fear as a thought in the head.

Once we are able to identify the emotional roots of our issues and where in our bodies we feel them most strongly we then need to focus. We need to focus on the emotion and the part of our body where we feel it most and feel it fully right to its core. We need to do this regardless of how painful it is to experience the negative emotion. 

Any emotion that is suppressed and not expressed leads to suffering whereas an emotion that is fully expressed can be released and leads to freedom. Once we are free from the shackles of our negative emotions, we can be free from the suffering that suppressing them would have caused.

This is the true meaning of spiritual freedom and part of the solution to reversing the trend of rising urban violence. I realize that there are greater issues at stake including, economic inequality, racial discrimination and a lack of gun control. However, I believe that emotional release and freedom are a key part of the solution. 

Last week I asked you to identify any feelings that you may be suppressing because they are too painful to bear. Now, I’d like you to use the process I just described to release these feelings once and for all. This is your first step towards true spiritual freedom.

Nauman Naeem MD

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