Reflections on Being a Physician

My journey to becoming a physician has not been an easy one but it has been more than rewarding. I could not have easily said this through the sleepless nights studying for final exams, bearing the drudgery of seeing patient after endless patient on a night on call as a resident or the countless tasks I have to juggle as a busy practicing physician, husband, father and, now, author and speaker. 

Even though I never sought to become an author and speaker it was a natural progression of being a practicing physician. You see, being a physician has taught me so much, not only about health and disease, but about success and failure, determination and persistence in the face of adversity, relating to others, emotional intelligence and my true nature in the context of the universe we live in. 

Through it all I have realized that I have more to learn than could possibly be taught in medical school. It has also taught me that I also have more to give than I can possibly give as a physician which is why I have evolved to become an author and speaker. 

Although this has not been an easy journey, it was has one that has forced me to grow in knowledge, wisdom and responsibility. Through it all I have realized that I, not only have a responsibility to be true to myself, but have a responsibility to others, not limited to my wife, my children, my parents and siblings but to others in general. 

This responsibility is not just limited by my role as a physician but includes the fact that I am a human being who is connected to other human beings, nature, the planet and the universe. My connection to others is a fact that I cannot ignore and is what motivated me to write my book, ‘Healing from the Inside Out: Overcome Chronic Disease and Radically Change Your Life,’ and what it has subsequently resulted in including podcasts, speaking opportunities and meeting the countless others which have benefited from my teachings.

You see, everything I do is not about myself or my self-aggrandizement but about how I can elevate those around me. I have learned that it is only through helping others transcend and succeed that can I experience the same. This has been the most important lesson I have learned from being a physician, author, speaker and, soon to be, entrepreneur. 

So I will continue on this glorious journey I have embarked upon to learn, grow and evolve and bring as much of the world with me who has the courage to step into the unknown as I have realized that the unknown is simply the beauty of life which we have yet to experience. 

I invite you to boldly walk with me on this sublime path.

Nauman Naeem MD

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