Reframing Problems

Let’s face it. Life is difficult. It is like riding the waves of the ocean. One day it is smooth sailing and the next day it can be a stormy, tumultuous ride. It does not matter how famous you are, how rich you are or how intelligent you are, everyone faces problems. The problem with problems is our interpretation of them. This is important because how we interpret them can determine how we can effectively approach them. 

Let me explain. Most people spend their lives doing everything in their power to avoid problems and once they arise they become derailed. A problem would not be what it is if we always had a solution immediately but this is not often the case. By definition a problem is something that occurs in our lives that challenges us beyond what we normally encounter on a regular basis. 

Problems can challenge us at several levels including physically, intellectually, emotionally, and, possibly, spiritually or existentially. Herein lies the key to handling what we call problems. They need to be reframed and seen in a greater context. 

Problems are not something that arise to bring our lives to a halt and create anxiety and frustration. They arise to teach us something about ourselves. They arise to help us access our intellect, ingenuity and creativity at deeper levels then we have before for the purpose of growing and evolving. 

It is for this reason that problems are gifts from the universe which come our way when something greater than ourselves recognizes that we need to learn, grow and step outside of our comfort zones to continue to consciously evolve. You must, therefore, reframe your problems as challenges that arise in your life at the right time for your greater good.

If you start to see your problems this way, you will, not only have a greater ability to handle them, but will actually start to welcome them when they arise. You will see them as a signal from the universe that you have gone as far as you can go in your current paradigm and it is now time to go to the depths of your being and go further than you previously thought you could go at all levels to take your life to the next level.

So the next time you face what you previously called a problem, stop, relax and breathe. Don’t get discouraged but become encouraged and excited because you realize that a problem is a gift from the universe and is meant transform your life unlike anything else can.

Nauman Naeem MD  

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