The Power of  Intuition for Decision Making

If you live long enough you will be faced with a major decision. What career to go into? Where to live? Who to spend your life with? These major decisions often cause tremendous stress because there is often not a clear path to making the right decision. Even when we commit to a decision we can still have anxiety over whether we’ve made the correct decision. The way to eliminate this anxiety and stress is by using our intuition.

What is our intuition? It is that inner voice that speaks to us when we are in the midst of stillness. It is that voice that tells us it is wrong to willfully hurt another person, steal from your boss or cheat on your spouse. We all have this inner voice inside us but if often becomes obscured with all the noise and chatter in our heads and the energy expended in facing ongoing daily minor decisions.

In my last article, I already discussed how to eliminate the need to expend much energy on these minor decisions through planning ahead instead of facing this decision in the moment it confronts you. Now I will discuss how to use your intuition to make the major decisions in your life. First you need to access your intuition.

The way to do this is to find a time when you are free of distractions. You then need to become as still as possible. Thoughts will enter your head but do not resist them. Give them the momentary attention they desire and then let them pass through your consciousness. You then bring to mind the decision that you are sitting with. While thinking about the decision bring your awareness to how you are feeling.

Let your feelings permeate your consciousness while you ponder the decision in question. Your feelings will guide you one way or another and your decision will become clear. The key to utilizing your intuition to make major decisions is to access your innermost feelings. This can only be done when you are without distractions, sitting in stillness and do not resist any thoughts that enter your mind. Resisting stray thoughts will only strengthen them instead of allowing them to pass through you uninhibited. 

By using your intuition you will be by-passing your logical mind and accessing your Higher Self which is one with the Universal Consciousness which will allow you to make your major decisions as a clear conduit of this Universal Consciousness.

Do this exercise with the next major decision you are confronted with and you will have greater certainty and peace of mind with whatever path you choose.

Nauman Naeem MD

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