Mystery: The Key To Experiencing the Depth in Every Moment of Your Life

Life is truly a beautiful mystery. Do we really have an understanding of how life truly works? For example, look at the human body. We may think that science has an understanding of physiology from the organ system to the molecular level. When you think about it, there is so little we know about ourselves.

A simple question about the human body is why does disease and pathology arise? Medical science may be able to explain the mechanisms of disease but it has not yet been able to explain why disease arises in the first place. This is why hundreds of millions around the world live with chronic disease with little chance of healing.

The point I am trying to make is that no matter how much we have learned and discovered in the last thousand years about the workings of the human body, there is so much that we do not understand. Herein lies the mystery of life.

Mystery implies that there is something that we do not understand and have yet to learn. This is true of so much of the world we inhabit. Putting aside our own physiology let’s scrutinize the universe. Science tells us that there are at least 200 billion galaxies out there and 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets in the observable universe.

This is absolutely mind boggling and actually beyond the mind’s comprehension. This is what I mean when I talk about the mystery of life. From the intricacies of our molecular physiology to the profundity of the universe itself, we are living a profound mystery which we can scarcely comprehend.

And herein lies the paradox of our lives. We run from one moment to another, trying to check off out to do lists, worrying about the future and often lamenting about the past. In the midst of the chaos that envelopes our minds in a typical day we scarcely stop to wonder how beautifully mysterious life truly is.

This is the key to excavating and cultivating the depth in every moment of our lives. We need to frequently ponder the mystery of who we are and the world we live in. This can only be done by becoming curious about ourselves, others and the world. Curiosity can only arise when we take the time to look deeply at ourselves, not with judgement, shame or regret but with the eye of one who has beholden something for the first time.

Think of a newborn baby who opens her eyes for the first time. There is nothing but beauty and wonder in the way she takes in her surroundings. This is the quality we must cultivate in order to experience the depth in every moment of our lives and live our lives to the fullest.

Right now, as you come to the end of this blog, take some time to stop whatever it is that you were planning on doing and contemplate one of the many mysteries of life. This could be the workings of your own body’s physiology, the vastness of the universe, why you are attracted to a certain someone or why you are where you are right now in your life situation.

Do not just make this a mental exercise because mystery is beyond the comprehension of the human mind. Mystery can only be experienced through your heart and your soul or consciousness and this is where you must draw your attention in order for mystery to reveal to you its secrets.

This will forever transform how you experience your life situation as it will take you on a journey deep into the unknown, the source of all true knowledge and wisdom. This is the next stage in human evolution, a leap which we must take to avoid the descent into annihilation which is where humanity currently is headed.

Curiosity about mystery is the portal we must enter in order to become highly evolved beings. This is what it means to experience the depth in every moment of your life.


Nauman Naeem MD


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