What Is The Most Important Quality You Can Have?

I’ve been a practicing physician for 13 years which does not include the 6 years of residency training to become a pulmonary and critical care physician. However, my intellectual journey began long before I entered medical school back in my early childhood. I was a curious explorer and wanted to know as much about the world as possible.

This is what motivated me to dive deep into human potential and transformation in my adolescence. I learned an incredible amount at a young age and my quest for knowledge and wisdom has persisted until this day. It was this quest which motivated me to dive deep into the roots of health and disease and how to heal.

When I saw my patients with chronic and critical illness not improving I started to ask why. At a deeper conscious level I knew that we were not mean to live with chronic disease so why are so many people suffering from this? It was this and similar questions which motivated me to dive deep into consciousness, metaphysics and the psychology of healing. This product of this inquiry was my book, ‘Healing From The Inside Out.’

This brings me to the point of this article which is that the most important quality you can have is curiosity. If it was not for my curiosity I would not have learned as much as I have and would not have asked the critical questions which I needed to pursue in order to discover what I have learned about healing.

Which brings me to you? What do you need to become curious about in your own life? What needs more exploration and inquiry? The way to answer this question is where you have any challenges in your life.

Challenges can occur in our health, our relationships, our finances, our career or in any number of areas. Most of us abhor challenges because we want to float peacefully on a calm ocean. However, if you have been at the game of life long enough, you know that the surface of the ocean rarely stays serene.

Its not long before the clear sky becomes cloudy, the wind starts to pick-up, the waves become choppy and you start to hear thunder and flashes of lightning. Its not long before you are in a full fledged storm. This is a great metaphor for our lives which can also throw challenges at us at every turn.

The thing that most people don’t realize is that the challenges occur because there is something we have yet to learn about ourselves. It is an deep spiritual concept that people manifest the challenges they face from a higher level in order to discover more about who they are and the path that they must traverse in their lives.

So the next time you are facing any kind of challenge, cultivate your curiosity. Ask yourself, what is this obstacle I’m facing trying to teach me? What do I need to discover about my true nature that I do not yet know in order to move towards wholeness?

Cultivating this sort of curiosity will enrich your life by fuelling your desire to discover, explore and step into the unknown where you learn to shed your fears and where all true personal growth occurs. Therefore, ask deeper, more probing questions about what you’re going through in your life situation and your life will transform.


Nauman Naeem MD

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