Living In a Delicate Balance

Life is a continual interplay of opposites. This is evident both on a personal level as well as a global level as we look at the world around us.

Whether it is light and dark, compassion and hate, joy and grief, win and loss, elation and despair, life always hangs in a delicate balance.

Just look at your own life. Are you always happy or are there times when you’re sad? Are you always living in harmony with those closest to you or are you often in conflict? Do you always get what you desire or are there times when life hands you something less than you desire?

If you scrutinize your life you will realize that you experience both sides of the spectrum of life. This is because we live in the relative world although our true nature is absolute.

What do I mean by this? Our true nature is light and pure love. This is not the romantic love of our fantasies but the unconditional love which is the fabric of all of existence. Now, we are born into the relative world where we do not always experience our true nature. The reason for this is because we cannot know light without dark, joy without grief and ecstasy without pain.

The purpose of our life is to experience the full spectrum of what this world has to offer in order to rediscover our true nature. Once we realize the equilibrium that exists in our life at all times we will not desire any specific outcome but accept the moment as it is.

This is because we will realize that there is no good or bad outcome that we can experience because it is always in equilibrium with its opposite. The purpose of all these experiences is for us to learn to hold them in a delicate balance and to go beyond them to the deeper nature from which they emerge.

It is from this place that we will experience pure joy, inner peace and unconditional love. All we have to do is to go deep within in every moment no matter what the external world presents. We do this by cultivating the depth of understanding which we need to make sense of what we are experiencing in the moment. How we do this will be the topic of my next blog.


Nauman Naeem MD









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