Healing Depression: Seeing The Truth Beyond Your Life Story

In the last several posts I have discussed the importance of setting the intention to overcome depression which must be tied to a greater meaning or higher calling. I have also discussed the importance of optimal nutrition and movement in healing depression. I’ve also discussed how to release emotional blocks. In this post, I’d like to discuss something that is common to all of us and that is our life story.

The fact is that, by virtue of being in human form and living on the planet earth, we all have life stories. Even if you spend your entire life living like a hermit in a cave you will still have a life story. You will have experiences with insects, rodents, the sun shining its rays of light into the cave entrance as it rises and your experience of the darkness of the cave in the depths of the night. You may even experience a visitor or two who is exploring your little part of nature.

My point is that nobody is immune from a life story. Now, many of us have what we perceive as terrible life stories. They may involve physical or sexual abuse, poverty, strained relationships, divorce, job loss, financial ruin and bankruptcy and even the death of a loved one. Now it may seem incredulous to you for me to say that there is nothing wrong with these experiences.

Why is that? This is because, like I discussed in my last post about emotions, we are meant to experience everything that life has to offer, not only the positive but the perceived negative. The problem only arises when we don’t understand why we are having negative experiences and we identify with them.

The fact is that anything that we experience in life is for one of three reasons. Our experiences either affirm who we truly are, they show us where in our lives we are living out of balance and harmony or they are meant to reveal to us something about ourselves which we do not yet know.

The last thing our life experiences are is our true nature which is where the problem lies. It is when we identify solely with our life stories that we can get bogged down by our life experiences and fall into depression if we identify with the perceived negative experiences that I have already mentioned.

We are far greater than our life stories which are experiences that our physical bodies have on this earth as vehicles for our higher consciousness. In fact, we are that higher consciousness that experiences our personal story in the form of a physical body. We are not our body, we are not our thoughts, we are not our emotions and we are not our stories.

Once we can identify with the higher consciousness which is our true nature, we can truly experience anything that life throws our way both wonderful and seemingly desolate with grace, peace and ease. If we can do this then we can  glean what the experience is meant to show us about who we truly are or what we have yet to learn about ourselves.

So enjoy everything that life has to offer and do not get bogged down and downtrodden by what you perceive as negative. There may be a lesson or revelation waiting for you which could completely transform your life and reveal to you the depths of your true nature which is joy, peace and love in which no thought of depression can exist.


Nauman  Naeem MD

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