How Should We Approach a Growing Global Epidemic?

In my last blog I started to discuss the growing global epidemic of depression. I discussed modern medicine’s approach to treating depression which is to prescribe a pharmaceutical agent whose goal is to affect the brain’s neurochemistry. I discussed how this is a misguided approach to treating depression because it does not address the multifactorial roots of depression. This is why they are ineffective in the majority of patients.

In today’s blog, I will start to touch on the causes of depression which is the key to treating it effectively. In order to do this topic justice, we have to realize our multi-dimensional nature as human beings which includes the physical, mental, emotional, vibrational and spiritual nature. Before we delve into each of these aspects, we have to address the issue of intention.

In my own experience, I have found that the majority of depressed patients do not have the intention to heal. I believe that the main reason for this is a loss of a sense of purpose, a greater calling or a higher mission. You see, none of us are here by accident and I believe that everyone has been incarnated in physical form to answer a higher calling and fulfill their unique destiny. The problem is that the majority of people do not subscribe to this truth and, in fact, are living lives of quiet desperation.

A big part of depression, I believe, is this lack of meaning and no sense of a greater calling in life. If the majority of people on the planet addressed this issue alone, I believe we would alleviate much of the depression that we see amongst us. We would also be able to solve much of the global problems we face and change our experience of life on earth. The question then arises, how does one begin to move in this direction?

This is done through deep questioning. In fact, asking the right questions can change the course of your life. So what are the questions you should be asking yourself? What were my childhood dreams and ambitions? What are the skills and talents that people complement me on? Who do I admire for their talents and abilities? What can I do for hours and lose track of the passing time?

Then there’s the most important question you can ask yourself. If I knew I could not fail, what would I attempt to do? The fact is that failure is one of the misunderstood concepts there is. Failure is simply a course correction in your life’s journey in order to point you in the direction of your higher destiny. Therefore failure does not exist in the way it has always been understood by the greater society. Imagine what you could accomplish in your life and for others if you knew that you could not fail in whatever you attempt to do.

If you ask yourself this final question and deeply ponder it, it could provide the key to unlock the door to your higher calling and your life’s mission. This would start you on the path to healing from your depression which, I believe, has its roots in a loss of meaning and sense of purpose. In my next blog I will address some of the physical factors which contribute to depression.


Nauman Naeem MD



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