What Is More Powerful Than Intention?

Intention. It is the word that comes to mind no matter what you are currently doing or planning to do in your life. Intention is the precursor to setting and working towards any goal that you want to accomplish. This makes sense because how can you achieve anything without setting your intention towards that goal?

However, this is where most people fail at achieving their goals. The reason is because intention is usually not enough. How can I say this? As a physician, I have treated many thousands of patients over the years and the majority of them come to me with the intention to improve their health and heal.

They want to quit smoking, stop drinking excess alcohol, lose weight, eat nutritiously, exercise and try to reduce or eliminate their need for medications. However, sadly, the majority do not even get close to accomplishing what they set out to do. This is because intention alone is not enough. So what is needed to make momentum towards your goals?

You need inspiration. Inspiration is the feeling you have when your intention is tied to a greater mission or meaning for your life and you know that how you are and what you do in the world influences everyone around you. This is the principle of connection what is a fundamental law of the universe. Let’s discuss these in more detail.

We are all on this planet for a reason even if we do not know it or ever realize it in our lifetime. The sad fact is that the majority of people never seek to discover and live their reason by fulfilling their true mission in this life. This is the reason why the majority of people are living lives of quiet desperation and dragging themselves from week to week to seek some temporarily fulfillment on the weekends whether its through going to bars and clubs to numb themselves with alcohol, watching sports on television, spending countless hours on social media or any number of pursuits which distract you from what matters.

Those few who truly question their existence and dive deep within to find their true calling will find that inner spark which ignites their intention into inspiration and truly propels them forward towards their greater mission which becomes the focus of the goals they pursue. This is the first ingredient of inspiration. The second is connection.

The law of connection is a fundamental principle of the universe and states that you are connected to everyone and everything around you both in your immediate vicinity and beyond. This is a deep spiritual principle which has now become manifest in physical reality as you can see that there is little these days that happens in one part of the world that does not affect people in another part. We are also more intimately connected to each other through the internet and social media.

Once you realize and embody the spiritual principle of connection, you will realize that anything you do for yourself you do for everyone and everything. This is an important ingredient in healing and overcoming disease as I have seen in my work with patients. Patients will often not want to heal and improve their health for themselves but will do this because their loved ones depend on them to get better.

In summary, the intersection of intention, higher mission or calling and connection is inspiration and is the most important ingredient to living a life from your greatest vision with passion and purpose. If you want to know how to find your higher mission or calling, please see my earlier blogpost titled, ‘The Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself.’

It is now up to you to evolve your intention into inspiration and live from this elevated state of existence!

Nauman Naeem MD




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