Why We Must Embrace The Unknown

Here is an excerpt from my newly released book, ‘Healing From The Inside Out,’ about our relationship to the unknown:

The true nature of life is uncertainty. Although we like to believe that we know where we are headed and what to expect in the seconds, minutes, hours, and days ahead, the truth is that the plans we make for our lives are only meant to distract our minds from the true nature of reality.

Our minds need to be distracted from reality because reality is a concept that is too vast for the mind to comprehend, and that becomes the source of its fear. The truth is that the mind is too limited to wrap its understanding around the nature of existence. It’s true strength lies in its ability to navigate the practical aspects of our daily lives in the physical plane.

In order to embrace the unknown, we need to find that place deep within ourselves that is akin to the unknown. This is a part of ourselves that few people ever get to know and truly experience. It is the void from which we emerged, the same void from which the universe was created, through the Big Bang. No scientist truly understands what the Big Bang was and how it led to the creation of the universe. However, I do not believe that our understanding of this phenomenon lies in scientific scrutiny but lies in entering the void where all logic and rationale fall away.

This void runs as deep in our own being as the vastness of the universe, wherein lies both the beauty and mystery of life and the nature of existence. Because the void or the unknown is the source of all of creation, negation of this aspect of ourselves solidifies the illusion that we are our bodies, our thoughts, and our emotions. The truth is that these are only aspects of who we are; they are not our true nature. By believing in the illusion of their reality, we reinforce the negation of the truth of who we truly are. The truth of who we are is indescribable and incomprehensible by the mind, which is why few people ever experience the depths of their true nature.

If we truly understood our true nature and the vastness of our magnificence, the issues that occur in our daily physical lives would reveal themselves to be tiny drops of water that are easily swallowed up by the vast ocean of reality. These issues include our illnesses, which affect the illusory aspects of ourselves, our bodies, our minds, and our feelings.

This may seem callous and insensitive to those who are reading these words, but this is only because we have grown up believing in the falsehood of who we think we are and ignoring the depths of our true reality. This is not our fault, as we have been raised in a world that believes in the illusion and is ignorant of the true nature of its existence. If we can embrace the mystery of who we are, which eludes our rational understanding, we can source our lives from this infinite realm and truly transcend our illnesses. ​​​​​​​

Nauman Naeem MD

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