Why Did I Write My Book?

People often wonder what inspired me to write my book, ‘Healing From The Inside Out: Overcome Chronic Disease and Radically Change Your Life.’ They also wonder how I could possibly find the time for such an endeavour given my busy schedule as a physician and family responsibilities. What I tell most people is that it was what I learned from my experience working as a physician, having treated tens of thousands of patients, and my interest in human potential and behaviour which motivated me to write my book. Although this is true there is a deeper story to this.

The truth of the matter is that I went through my own healing journey. I did not have a chronic illness but suffered from the global epidemic of negative thinking. My negative thinking arose out of adverse childhood experiences. My parents are South Asian and lived in London, Great Britain for a number of years, where I was born. When I was 5 years old, they immigrated to Toronto, Canada and eventually bought a house in Oshawa, a small city 30 miles east of Toronto.

The neighbourhood I grew up in was a predominately caucasian blue collar area with a high rate of unemployment. We were one of the few South Asian families living in this neighbourhood and, needless to say, I suffered a lot of racial discriminatIon. Because of my ethnicity, I was bullied, picked on and, one time, I was beaten up while being outnumbered.

Now, I did not understand why I was being treated like this because I never saw myself as different from anyone else because I did not see people for their ethnicity, physical features or religion. I saw and treated everyone as equal which is why I did not understand why I was made to feel inferior because of who I was.

I soon developed a persona of being inferior to others which led to a deep sense of unworthiness. The way I dealt with these feelings of unworthiness was to excel academically, which I did by working and studying hard and getting amongst the highest marks in my subjects. Despite my academic accomplishments, the feelings of unworthiness never left me which became the source of my negative thinking.

This drove me to dive deeply into the subjects of personal development, inner transformation, human consciousness and metaphysics. These are subjects which I have explored voraciously ever since my adolescence through reading thousands of books and listening to hundreds of recordings and podcasts on these topics. It was this deep dive which motivated me to write my book in order to help others who have suffered or are suffering much like I did.

Although the subtitle mentions, ‘overcome chronic disease,’ this book has benefited those with depression, anxiety, addictions, emotional trauma and relationship issues and has helped me overcome my negative thinking. If I had not suffered as I had this book may not have been born. I know that there are billions of people on the planet today who are suffering in their own way. You don’t have to watch the news to know this but just have to talk to people close to you, people in your own neighbourhood or people in your workplace to witness the global epidemic of suffering.

My book is an attempt to provide a comprehensive approach to this epidemic which addresses the whole individual, not just superficial aspects of who we are. I believe that my own personal suffering led to the emergence of this unique approach to healing in order for me to help the countless others who are suffering similarly. My book can be purchased at the following link:

This book has the potential to change your life so, for your own sake, check it out and share it with others who need it.

Nauman Naeem MD

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