What is my book really about?

Healing From The Inside Out: Overcome Chronic Disease And Radically Change Your Life


If you were to ask me the origin of this book, I would have to say that it began in my early childhood. As a child I had a keen intellectual curiosity and devoured all the knowledge I could through my formal schooling, exploration of the world around me and books that I would read in my free time. Each book was a portal, for me, into a new world of discovery and adventure. In adolescence, my intellectual curiosity motivated me to learn about human behaviour and how to achieve our highest potential through reading books of many inspiring authors such as Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra. It is this same intellectual curiosity which motivated me to pursue medical school and become a pulmonary and critical care specialist.

In my early years of my medical practice I started noticing a disturbing trend which is that the majority of patients remained trapped in the paradigm of chronic disease and never healed. This was perplexing as it was frustrating and I eventually began to feel that I was not really helping any of my patients beyond just alleviating their symptoms, if they were chronically ill, or keeping them alive without any quality of life, if they were critically ill. This caused a deep existential crisis in me as my role as a physician seemed meaningless if I was not able to help my patients at a deeper or root cause level. This catalyzed a spiritual search for meaning which motivated me to dive deeper into more books on healing, consciousness and metaphysics.

At the same time my spirit of adventure, which began in my childhood, was rekindled as I became drawn to spending more time in nature through pursuing wilderness skills and the ancient art of tracking through various mentors. This led me down the path of deep nature connection which opened up a deep inner awareness which I had not previously experienced. It was this inner awareness combined with my spiritual search which created the foundation for the healing process which forms the crux of my book.

What I came to realize is that the majority of patients do not heal because the healthcare system treats them at the most superficial level of their being: the physical. I came understand that we are multi-dimensional beings which includes physical, mental, emotional, vibrational (energy) and spiritual. I also came to realize that any illness which we suffer from usually arises at a deeper level of our being and manifests in the physical which is the most superficial level of who we truly are.

The reason people do not heal is because conventional medicine treats the physical but does not explore the deeper levels of one’s being to find the root cause of the illness. Now, I am not implying that we do not need medications and surgery if they are indicated. These are a necessary part of any treatment regimen, especially when it comes to acute illnesses such as infections like pneumonia and traumas such as extremity fractures. However, when it comes to chronic disease, these interventions, even though they may be necessary at some stage of the condition, do not address the root causes of the condition. The healing process, as outlined in my book, addresses these root causes.

By engaging in the healing process, as outlined in my book, you can find your life’s mission as an expression of your higher purpose, begin to explore the importance and power of choice in laying out your life’s destiny, eliminate limiting beliefs, remove subconscious blocks, burn through the unresolved feelings of past emotional traumas, disengage from your personal life story and see the deeper truth that lies beyond it, increase your vibrational frequency, enter the natural flow of the universe and fearlessly embrace the unknown. At each step of the healing path, I present a series of questions, which you can answer, in order to meaningfully engage the healing process. In addition, there are exercises at each step which will help you embody the healing process and increase your likelihood of success.

I do make a distinction in my book between healing and cure. Cure is an endpoint at the physical level in which the illness is eliminated whereas healing is the process of becoming whole through integrating all the different levels of your being, namely the physical, mental, emotional, vibrational and spiritual. Through the process of becoming whole you will likely see a reduction and, possibly, an elimination of your symptoms.

The reason we should seek healing and not cure is because cure is a static endpoint at the physical level and only addresses a single diagnosis, usually unsuccessfully for the reasons outlined above. Healing, however, is a dynamic process which is ongoing and can address the root cause of any condition you have suffered from or may suffer from in the future. The healing process is not only applicable to chronic disease but can be applied to other aspects of our lives, including relationship issues, overcoming stress, turning around feelings of financial lack and elevating our spiritual lives.

This book is not just for the individual who wants to heal but also addresses how to overcome resistance to wanting to heal, why some people may not want to heal, application of the healing process to children and how we can begin to affect positive change in the world’s failing healthcare systems. In addition, this book addresses how individual healing is tied to the greater good and the healing of humanity as a whole which is currently suffering through turmoil and chaos at many levels. This book will open you up to whole new way of seeing and changing both yourself and the world you live in and take you on the journey of a lifetime.


Nauman Naeem MD

About the Author: Dr. Nauman Naeem has cared for tens of thousands of patients in two countries over the course of 18 years which formed the basis for his deep inquiry into the roots of healing. He continues to practice medicine in Toronto and Guelph in Canada as well as speaking at events, consulting with organizations and coaching individuals on his healing process. He lives with his wife and three children in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. For more information, please visit his website at naumannaeem.com.



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